HAHA OMG you know, I don't mind that its Mariah Carey, but the fact that your guilty pleasure against everything you are/ love/ represent is a christmas song lol. Do you listen to it through out the year? As for myself, if im being honest, normally I would say anything by Savage Garden, but the older I get the more I don't care and now take pride in my love for them. SO. . . Winter Blues by Lucas Joyner is mine. I'm not one for rap or hip hop, like at all. it's like sandpaper to my eardrums, but I gotta admit I will bop my head to the song, and if this comes on my playlist while im driving, best believe I'm turning up the volume to feel my sub and i'll rap along to it. The whitest girl you know singing rap with conviction and confidence free of embarrassment thanks to tinted windows. for your consideration, link below