@sup In USA Marijuana is in Schedule I ,the same class as Heroine despite the FDA having provided no real harmful result... unlike Heroin. There has been Cogressional debates about this where this same question has been asked ,no satisfactory answer has been given. Attorney General of the United States ,POTS Trump's close ally Jeff sessions has argued for a tighter ban than even that & suitable harsh legislature for weed ..no satisfactory justification was given. This federal directive comes at a time when the states are starting to become lenient..after the 1950's when weed was put in Schedule 1...multiple countries too are starting to loosen laws around it after so many decades due to non-conclusive proof & popular democratic pressure . On the contrary medical applications are well documented,in quite a few cases it has helped even Cancer patients. ...not to say there are no ill effects,because really as you said everything has a bad side.But in moderation with Doctor's advice & prescribed limit ,it is a very helpful substance. As to why there is not as much greater exposure for its benefits & has been allowed to stay Unpublicized ?.. Why should the World medical industry allow a freely available plant with that much properties ,not under part of their own IPR ? ... it is cheaper to travel from USA,come to India ,perform operations like kidney,liver ,stay for a week & then goback to USA than to perform the same operation in USA.. The Dept of AYUSH in India govt ,which includes Ayurveda ..science of medicinal plants has a lot of its own inventions & IPR stolen by foreign companies of which Medical Marijuana application is included (Recently a US company even Stole a Indian created edible more nutritious Rice strain)...this is then kept in IPR dispute limbo in World bank court...the cheaper solution is kept away while expensive medicine ruin live. Why solve the problem when you can sustain & profit from it ..