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When radio appeared, and than a television - it was always used to provide the information to the people in a specific way. A way that is profitable for the channel's owners. (Or the owners of the channel's owners. Or the owners of the owners, and so on). In other words it is calling - an informational propaganda. And nothing really changed from those times.
Forms became different - more sophisticated. Don't trust what you hear, don't trust what you see. It's a crazy world.
I am afraid, that our generation will reach the time, that we will not trust to our own thoughts.

Yes, things really did change... In the late nineties, news agencies (in the US) discovered that news could actually be profitable, e.g. make money. Before then most news outlets didn't generate a single cent, they were funded by different states, and a journalists work was to investigate. Today editors want topics that generate clicks and viewing figures. Maybe I'll write more on the topic later...