For those that say “no bed” I would like to point out that laying on hard flooring is not a good option for larger dogs. It’s tough on their joints. My dogs used to lay on the tile as well instead of their dog beds. Then my 6 year old GSD got a partial CCL tear and we opted to try physical therapy, restricted movement and nsaids to see if we could avoid surgery. At this time I went on a hunt for a good supportive bed for him. I found the Big Barker and yup-it ain’t cheap It also has a 10 year warranty and when I added up the money I spent in 5 years on the cheap beds that compressed in a couple months I figured I’d give it a try. No, I don’t work for the company. But I love their beds. I bought a second one for my other GSD. They love laying on them and my dog with the CCL injury made a full recovery. I’m pretty sure having a supportive bed helped his recovery. Below is Loki-the dog who had the injury-on his Barker. You can see how well it supports his sturdy 105 lb frame.