@kaia_ I know that there is no use, but I have a duty to explain to everyone the barbarism of the Israelis and reveal their lies to the world. What I have seen today of scenes that affected me a lot, I am Arab and the Palestinians are Arabs so they are my brothers and ly sisters, I saw a man who lost his wife and 3 children, he left a baby in the hospital struggling Death, and I saw a baby girl who lost all her siblings, and a teenage girl crying in front of her destroyed home and saying why are they doing this to us ?? Just because we are Muslims ?? Nobody heard our cry ?? All these in the attacks of yesterday only, the United Nations ?? There is no UN as long as the USA prevents an emergency meeting and says directly that it is with Israel without conditions. There are a lot of demonstrations in the world but nothing has changed. I will help with what I see appropriate. If I can include a voice in my voice, this is more than enough, at least. When God asks me about what I have offered to my brothers and sisters, I will be able to answer.