@Kaneki-kun WHY ARE WE ALL HERE? Oye don't you know simple words It's because of effect and cause !! effect was your folks had wondeful time together and didn't think about it you will be cause of Thier love making sex effects without protection !! WHY IS EVERYONE BORED? Don't assume or label for every one is bored here , well I am not!! But can't disagree lot of bored post ..question to ask any one contently bored or happily bored ?? WHY DOES THE INTERNET FEEL DEPRESSING? Well asK yourself !! Do u ?? What is inside you, shows outside I guess so .. may be intel inside idiot outside !! need a third fellow to point out the mistakes and only good friends can do it for you !! So find one but sure jesus Christ is not a help here !! Ha one more thing .. By the way jesus from Mexico can be help for you I guess ?? WHY IS EVERYONE FEELING ABANDONED AND LONELY? Well man again I repeat some feel that way but I don't and not all .. i have s view , through my past experience, not able to accept as it is without likes and dislikes WHY ARE WE ALL HERE? To breathe having awareness and Consciousness to live not hurting the Surroundings.. to be good to the self and Surroundings selflessly !! basic needs sex, eat , sleep !! Lot of unwanted desires .. with choice