@Indrid-Cold I think that's a very very long shot I can't say I haven't meet many beautiful women but I can say the 2 serious relationships I've had were with 2 beautiful ladies. And it's not just my opinion, they heard it a lot... from other ppl as well! My point is... who's really beautiful? They were beautiful, without a doubt but both has serious self esteem problems... If they have self esteem problems, even tho they can "have anyone they want" it doesn't mean they believe it... so if that was the case, they would be busy fixing their own self to worry about being nice, but that is the twist... that wasn't the case... they are simply sweet, humble and genuine. There's also another point... If a person is beautiful (to the common crowd) and that person doesn't feel it there will probably be the exact opposite, someone that is not attractice (to the common crowd) and still feel like the hottest girl alive and those, in my experience are real bitches ‍️ conclusion: I don't think looks make ppl have an easier time being naturally good. U are either born with it or not!