@IM-BORED said in im so bored i'am going show you my movies/videogames/music cds/ books collection i have.... XD: @WtfJudith @Rendezvous what???? how the fuck you did not touch any cds back then? are you guys living in the cave? omg. its everywhere in your shopping mall. HMV store, wal-mart sunrise records store, blockbusters, If you live in Canada. cds is still used today. buy a portable cd player that plays music cds and plug the cord in the plughole then you turn it on. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!! GOD I FEEL LIKE IM OLD PERSON WHEN PEOPLE DONT USE MUSIC CD'S EVER. SORRY FOR A RANT BUT WTF. next time I buy vinyl records and you still don't know what is vinyl records. Top 20 lists of music are rather subjective. Maybe if you listed your favorite genres, it will help folks give more suggestions. I would start with your top 5 CDs, find them on high-quality vinyl - if you think they sound better, then start to expand your vinyl collection using this site.