@wtfjudith said in Anyone watch Doctor Who????: @shaun-durwin said in Anyone watch Doctor Who????: I need to make this clear first... I am pro-feminism and am happy with how the world is evolving! I'm interested to know, of people that watch Doctor Who, thought's concerning the fact that the Doctor is now a female.. The reason I am interested to know this is because I feel that the New take on the doctor drives away from the concept of the original character and story. For those that don't know, Doctor Who is a Time Lord. This leaves me vexed to the fact that if Doctor Who is a Time Lord how can the BBC make the leading character a female?? By definition a Lord is male. Surely to make the current character fit, Doctor Who would no longer be a Time Lord, but a Time Lady ??? Thought's please peeps, ?!? No doctor will ever be as great as Matt Smith But tbh I don’t think it changes much wether the doctor is female or male, in the end they’re all just as goofy XD I just see it as the same old doctor with long hair and a little lipstick yeah same, I love Matt Smith too