@SassSSKE-Tuesday said in finding 20+ woman who can send me NuDeS: well. who else played GTA vice city? I installed and uninstalled this game 6 times. Now it is not stored anymore in my HDD. if u played did u know that remote control mission? Yes this was the only mission which I couldn't pass. ^ this one! . well, I can't complete this at once . n not with only 2 hands . so me n my brother did some teamwork with cheat code booooooring 6 time I guess.. I tried with this cheat code, though I didn't count many times I press it (probably only 1 time before entering the van) n after few attempts we successfully completed that mission. did u knew that mission if u played it? how did u complete that mission? I passed all the missions except this one. Even though i successfully found out all hidden packages of the game. btw which one is ur favorite cheat code? BIGBANG