This is a tricky one for me because I honestly don’t know who would consider me an enemy, nor do I have anyone I consider anyone an enemy of mine. But this brings things to an interesting situation.

Wake up in someone body to find out we are enemies.

So I take time to figure out why that is the case. Whatever I learn should help me understand the person and how I treat them, and if I am unfair to them I can try to act in a fair way. If they just have problems themselves that are not caused by me then I just accept what is, some people will always find ways to dislike someone for reasons out of their control.

I guess for a bit of clarification, fair doesn’t mean nice or kind. It is just in regards to wrong-doings or lack of respect. If someone is hurt by my actions then all I can do express the reasoning and help them understand. Afterall, we won’t always agree on things.