@bny34 and why hes divine. because hes unnatural, he doesnt contain the same principles of the living as we or any kind of thing in this world. unnatural. Do you realize this renders invalid the logic you used earlier? If you claim everything needs a creator, except for one specific being that doesn't need a creator, which doesn't need a creator simply because you're putting it doesn't need any creator in its definition, then nothing needs a creator. Either everything needs a creator or nothing does. If you claim this point may be ended by simply defining the terms of the problem in a way that benefits the conclusion you wanted to reach, that's called teleological reasoning, which is something the human brain does when it's desperately trying to defend its preconceived ideas but it doesn't actually help in finding truthful answers. it's becuase you stopped 'the timeline' with the meteors... and what made the meteors? and so on... I think you have problems to understand this simply because you haven't studied it in its entirety. Reading about it by yourself is going to help you more than debating it with some stranger, if you're interested you may start here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formation_and_evolution_of_the_Solar_System If you want to keep asking "what caused that" to every point, you'll reach the Big Bang. The most well defended theory among scientists is that Big Bang happened because it was impossible for it to not to happen, the same way it's impossible for an object unable to fly to scape from Earth's gravity without any external help. Stephen Hawking's book "The Great Design" will help you understand this without having to get a Physics degree