@Fartwoman said in Do girls/women fart?: How come girls hide their farts so effectively? And how do they suppress the sound of their farts? oof that's wrong we never ''hide our farts'' infact holding in your gas can lead to serious health issues. Its just that we don't fart by accident. We have knowledge about our upcoming farts and how to let them out slowly. Ah It's some kind of therapy for me. Here are some tips for an inaudible fart Depends upon the size of your an.us Have an an.al dilation surgery. spread your buttcheeks as far as you can while farting Cough or make a noise, perhaps sing a song. Let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore Don't blame it on anyone else. Act like you didn't notice the smell. Try not to make eye contact with anyone. admit to it and laugh it off.