@Phaéris I follow what you're saying. My experience is that when I joined the topics were mostly smart and interesting, and a wide spectrum of users would interact and debate on them. Then the site hit a low point when it was flooded with scammers, trolls and pervs. Sure they had always been there but never in such quantities. Sometimes seven or eight topics in a row might be from just one sex scammer profile, and the genuine topics got lost.

Some people did what they could to report and remove such users, but the site never really recovered. New users coming to the site during that time assumed that kind of behaviour was okay, and many established users who used to contribute a lot got fed up and left. Which in turn means that when somebody new decent turns up, they often don't stick around because they oft only see people mostly being pervs and asshats. Yet I do feel it is slowly getting better again, beginning to resemble what it used to be like.

Whilst there are so many users here just here for sex or for attention those posts you mention will keep getting the lion's share of replies, but I'm not going to give up hope. If just a few keep also replying to the deeper topics, perhaps that will encourage others to do so, or some more new people to stay. Perhaps 😂