When the random string makes me open the details from someone i liked since 2018 πŸ‘€
I am amazed how come i know these details @WtfJudith

@A-Former-User said in How well do you know them? πŸ€”:

@Free_WtfJudith said in How well do you know them? πŸ€”:

Alright folks, so this is a kind of game to figure out how well you know a certain TWS user! :D

Just choose a friend or anyone you believe you know better than anyone else here. No cheating or stalking them to find some of the answers on their profiles if it's the case XD

It is a girl whom i know :thinking_face:

Tag them and answer all 10 questions here and they can respond telling you how many you got right :P Obviously the point is to get as many good answers as you can, so whoever gets the best score wins a dog nood. (HURRAYYYYYY!!!! I KNOW, HOW EXCITING!!!)



What is their dream Traveling destination? (can be a country, city, whatever)

Since she ever traveled to some countries like England and France, may be she wants to travel to Asia :smirk:

Favourite number?

She loves 6 :3

What's their father's name?

Argh it is private tho. I ever asked her and it is kinda hard to tell to me. The second hardest one after i asked her number eh do i ever asked such things before?

Who is their best friend? (IRL and/or TWS)

I am sure all of @Global-Moderators are her bestie also @imbored and @Rendezvous :smirk:

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

She never mentioned about Coffee addict or Tea before. She ever shared about chocolate in the past 6 months :) but if i can say the other one, she loves alcohol. Even i dont agree with that, but since she is happy, i cant change her.

What was their first job? (if they never worked then what would be their dream job?)

She is still student tho. I recall all of memory she ever shared but in that time she was not sure what kind of dream job she wants. She loves drawing and that drawing is kinda awesome. The first time i know she is talented because of this picture

What's their favorite pizza topping?

Pinapples topping

What is their dream car?

Last time we chatted about automotive with Pudd, i believe she is not into automotive. But since she is a high class girl, may be she loves lamborghini.

Do they have any allergies? If so, what are they?

Of course she does not have allergies to dust or feather since she loves dog and lives with dog for almost 9 years. I dont think she has allergies to meat or fish since her dog may eat that, water or cold whether since she lives in the North of America, it is extremely cold.

What would they do if they won 50 million $?

Last time in the post of @albertolok she mentioned she will kill someone just for 10 million $ πŸ˜‚ i dont wanna protest her for that thing also dont want to mind a single business about that. Be whatever she wants to be lah.

for 0.5 points:
BONUS I : What is the best way to cheer them up?

When she is in the bad mood, talking a funny things or asking her to remember a good memory or listening to her complains/madness/disappointed may chill her down. However, almost all the time, when she is sad, she will find her dog and hug it till she is better. I will be online for a while (even i do busy) to make sure she is not that down.

BONUS II : What's their exact address? πŸ˜‚

From all of her pictures she ever posted, she almost used T-Shirt and Cap. She ever posted a purple or Dark Blue dress (cmiiw). That was my favorite picture ever since she is really beautiful in that prom day. I will ask her later if she does not mind with that :3
Her favorite accessories are pink eyeglasses, bracelet and blue watch (this one is in youtube and i play it like hella thousand times when i miss her).
Oh, a bonus things, she loves to color her nail with pink πŸ˜‚

Now it is the time for ya @Free_WtfJudith , who is that girl? πŸ˜‰