The only bennifit to ww3 is i wont have to deal with theeseshitty feminists no more Look I am for gender equality But I'm sorry there's a way going about it And being aboustly biased to one gender just makes it more imbalanced Infact if I have anything to say about feminists there just Btec suffergetes Infact you got all your equality already so there's no need for this you sould be focusing on how the world is going mad right now because if no one stands up we could go way further than a cold war and I quite frankly would not like to live knowing that nukes are 10xmore powerful than chernobybl and I only live 5 miles away from a pretty big target so instead of trying to ruin porn or whatever triggers you lot Maybe try talk some sense into how dangerous nukes are as humans we could be the only lifeform in the entire universe do we really want to wipe ourselves out now