@rustyspoon Ah, a newcomer to TWS! Welcome . I'll be your adorable hostess while you're exploring. But first let's go over some of TWS more unusual attributes shall we? TWS is a stranger meet based forum. TWS has been recently haunted by profiles that do not really exist. If you notice you're CHATTING and the profile is empty- well just deal with it man. *TWS is monitored by ADMINS & MODS looking asshole spam spotting bots. They're on the prowl full time. Day and night I'm afraid. The bots don't sleep. They hand out TWS parking too honest tickets. It's known around these parts as SPAM. *TWS is a platform for all kinds of great folks. Some are even famous. Of course no one on TWS is actually the person that they claim they are. Get used to it. *TWS does not speak the emoji language. Don't try it! Bots will get ya there too. Good luck !!!!!!!