• I travelled across time looking for this wonderful American girl. Her name is Lily Mendoza.

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  • Ave, Lily! (In Rome, thats how we greet)

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  • @VIDEOGAMES4LIFE6 My name is Marius, Anton is my ancestor in this timeline

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  • @VIDEOGAMES4LIFE6 better Lily, Anton is my ancestor in this timeline.

  • @CenturionMarius Ah, okay lol

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    @LilyRose Lillian sissy someone lookin for you lmfao "LILY, WHERE ARE YOU" 🤣

  • @Unknownnn I'm not wonderful, I'm not American and I'm definitely not a female đź’•

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  • Alright, look, if you're not gonna answer me then fine, but I just wanna know why you blocked me, I don't understand..

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  • Anton...please. Can we a least talk it through? Whatever I did to perhaps upset you, I want to make it better. I left Discord earlier cause my parents. I tried messaging you in Discord when I came back, and it said you blocked me. You also removed our Wings server... I even tried reaching out to you through Instagram and it says you deleted your account...And even Steam, even that won't work... Are you trying to remove me from your life? Even after everything we've been through? I don't get it. And if you are trying to call it off with me, that's not the righteous way to do it. You don't just cut someone who loves you more than the world out of your life like that, without an explanation.... Please Anton, this is the only place left for me to reach out to you. I'm sorry for everything...

  • I'm really starting to worry now, I feel like something horrible has happened to you... We need to talk, please, I hope you see this message soon....I love you and I'm afriad that I may never see you again.
    If nothing horrible has happened, and turns out that you just need a break or you're leaving me, then I can understand that, but all I'm asking for is an explanation, I need closure....
    Remember that day you told me that you would NEVER do anything to hurt me? I can't say it's true because right now I'm experiencing the worst kind of pain, something I've never felt before.
    This pain is even worse than the pain I encountered when we lost connection for a whole year...No, this is worse because you completely blocked me from every social media platform we had to communicate, without even the slightest good bye or reasoning....so this is the last place I have to reach out to you....
    What happened? Why won't you tell me? You didn't even sound upset the last time we talked, so I don't understand...
    I remember the last thing we talked about, I was telling you about the hardship I just faced, and you told me that you were gonna cheer me up after you finished something right?
    And you know the drill already, my parents always ruin shit for us, so I had to leave, but when I came back, Discord alerted me that I could no longer send you messages because either you unfriended me, or you blocked me.
    But the thing that kills me the most, is that it's showing that you're online, but yet, no response....
    Please, Anton, I beg of you, for old time sake, at least give me some clues of what happened to you, I need closure, without it, I feel like I may hurt myself, because I feel like you're mad at me, and that makes me hate myself...
    The last thing I ever wanted was to make you hate me or hurt you in any way.
    You mean EVERYTHING to me, more than words can explain. There's no point in living without you in my life, you kept me sane....
    I'll wait for you, I don't care how long, I WILL wait for you, I will never give up until we can reunite...
    I love you Anton, please, I hope you see this VERY soon...
    I will do everything in my will to reach out to you....


    To find out whether you were blocked or unfriended on Discord, do one of the following:

    • try sending a friend request back
    • try editing a message and pinning it(this will notify the user & they will see the edited message if you're just unfriended)

    You might also want to make a new Discord account & try adding them on that too. If it shows they are online, that means that you share a server ?? If that's the case, you can invite yourself to it on a new acc & ping them ??

    Hope thats helpful & everything works out for you !! You seem very distressed !

  • @Allison THE KETTLE GAL

  • @Allison Thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it!
    I've tried sending him a friend request but it only says "FRIEND REQUEST FAILED"
    I've also tried editing a message and pinning it, but that also did not work.
    However, I have not yet tried to make a new account, which I think I will try and then re-adding him.
    Yes, we did share a sever, 2 actually, but for some reason, he keeps renaming his username and every time he does so, it removes me from the servers. Also, the servers were private, so I can't find them again...
    Yes, I am VERY distressed, my mind is just everywhere right now, I don't know what to do...
    Do you mind if I could dm you? I would really appreciate it if I could, because then I could discuss it further.
    I'm very worried, it's just not like him, he would never do something like this to me...I don't get it, he's not acting normal...

  • @VIDEOGAMES4LIFE6 Of course, dm me ! I just mentioned the server because that's the ONLY way their status would show up as online.