• Can anyone share a story, i am bored

  • I had an old friend who wanted me to meet his girlfriend to vet her and optimally like her, and it turned out that I absolutely hated her. She was strange, demanding and just an overall nuisance. She came to my house, had too much wine and got pretty drunk, they got in a fight over the phone, and as she was leaving she passed a table near the door which happened to have a hairbrush sitting on it. With the innocent excitement of a small child, she turned to me and asked “oh my god can I have your hair?“ and pointed to the brush. I was frankly so done with interacting with her at that point that I did not even question it. I just flatly replied “sure“.

    With a bright smile of immense pleasure, she pulled all of the hair out of the hairbrush, gently balled it up, and put it in her left front pocket.

    Now, I had no intention of ever speaking to her again. I assumed that I would spend the rest of my days vaguely wondering why someone wanted my hair, but not caring enough to have to deal with the onus of speaking with her to find out. Evidently, she must’ve gotten my phone number from her boyfriend because a couple of weeks later she called me while I was at work and asked me if I had any more hair that she could have. I told her that I did not and I did not have time, and then hung up. I immediately regretted not asking why she wanted it, but I quickly resumed the attitude that I would die never knowing, which was funnier in a sense.

    A few years later a woman I had gone to elementary school with contacted me to tell me that the girl who had taken my hair (Hereafter M), had died. It was unfortunate, but I had had a very brief, and relatively unforgettable relationship with her but for the fact that she had taken some of my hair.

    Turns out she wanted to make hair art out of it and had saved it. It was still in a special box, which her parents were going to keep. Apparently M had wanted to be friends with me and had lamented not spending more time with me and spoke with some regularity of me to this woman.

    To my knowledge, her parents still have my hair.

  • what kind of stories do u enjoy?

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    and tortoise

  • On YT search for Sagar ki Vani, he posts some horror stories, which I find funny 😂

  • @Aditi-H-S Spend a good amount of time on Goodreads, find your genre, read reviews and pick your books

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    @Aditi-H-S said in Tell me a story:

    @Ziyech11 Hehe, ok

    Awwwh I made you laugh then I must be the love of your life don't you think so hmmm?

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    @Aditi-H-S really 😍😍😍

  • Anything is fine😃

  • @Jackson1 Anything is fine😃

  • well it's about a dentist

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    There was a cute handsome man n his name was Ziyech. He was looking for the love of his life or rather someone to complete him and he saw the post of a beautiful young lady. His heart told him that she was the one n her name Aditi.H.S

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    @IrascibleDecoy omg this is such s crazy story. So heartbreaking. God bless her heart

  • @IrascibleDecoy sorry to hear😞

  • what kinda story you want hear?
    i have alot of stories from my past

  • @Ziyech11 Hehe, ok

  • @Regan-Buay Anything

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    i love you

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    its a story about wind, and ice.

  • @Aditi-H-S
    U may find stories any where
    Whats so happening about here.?
    But still here a one, hope u like it.
    It was the 1st day of Amits PG course, his 1st class of the day was jst bout to start but suddenly someone opened the door in rush and asked to come in. There 'SHE' is. She had no aquaint to Amit but there was something that brought a smile on his face and a spark in his eyes. She came in and settled down on the nxt to the front of Amits desk. The Teacher call out the attendence and a short intro from everyone . Teacher: Roll no. 1, She: Jasleen , did hnrs in mathematics from DU.......,,.... MEANWHILE, Amit was recalling where he'd heard this name , Amit: somewhere, simewher oh yes on the notice board. And excitingly he tell to Manav, hey She was the topper at her college with 92 % .Her impression on Amit had now crossed every possible limit and now he somehow wants to get into her notice. Amit was tall , built forces bearing and a confident looking boy and good looking too. So it was as simple as to asking a doubt or answering a question during the class, and that worked she saw him. Eyes met. Hurray!
    This 'get into the notice' game goes on till one day when Jasleen discussed with him some topic. It was the day he might remember to this day. I guess for every boy this is a dream come true. And then the talks goes on but formal talks.
    Amit was everytime jst trying to knw more bout her some more, some more , but each time nothings come by may be She was that conservative , loves to be with herself in her own world , and may be it cud b difficult to b the part of her world and that too in this short span of time as She got her adm in one of the top Business schl. Hmmmm that depressed him but not longer. He accepted it so lively that he is still so happy with the old sweet memories of her being sometimes defending him in front of others though not being so close or executing those girlish tantrums in which girl expect from boy to take the call etc ....And remembring these he jst think that might if they were still together or might if their first cup of coffee was not their last meeting then these small sweet memories wud not hv existed , wud nt hv the value they hv right now , wud nt hv let Amit feel that sweet pain of love.

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