• i live with anxiety and it is slowly destroying me. i think it will have my life in under 5 yrs. i think about my damn health CONSTANTLY and i cant help it. i am not even that unhealthy! but something in my mind tells me "those dr's are lying" etc. can you imagine living like that? you almost wanna be dead instead. i started exercising and wanted to get my RHR (resting heart rate) down to a good level. but i am angry because it is still almost damn near unchanged! so then why is it not going down if i have lifted weights for 2 months? i am going by what drs tell me should happen. my heart was looked at already with a full EKG and it has been deemed healthy. so what is going on? i almost wonder why anyone bothers to workout or try and be healthy . think about it. the body can turn on you at any given moment no matter how you train. so why bother? thats what i am starting to think. so just to put my mind at ease, those of you who care to , sit down and take your pulse (count each wrist beat for 10 seconds then times 6). mine is a range of 66-72, which is still good to average but i just wanna get to the high 50s one day as my goal. so post your numbers here

  • Come to India, go to vipassana ,learn about Meditation, yoga, and most of all acceptance, mind ok all ok !!

  • @mikeJB 60-60. Counted per minute.

  • Banned

    @mikeJB i almost dozzed off in the middle but then I remembered I also go through the same problems sometimes other wise I would like to say YANA(You Are Not Alone)

  • @mikeJB you'll have to change your either amount of oxygen your body takes with breathing exercises or you need way more cardio

  • Exactly he need to learn breathing techniques better coming to India with indian guru or baba these are the people thought whole world to breathe and observe let it go..Consciously. absolutely I agree Canadianguy thank you so much !!

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  • @Canadian-guy i think i have issues with co2 retention, caused my sleeping issues. anyway, wanna here something amazing? Miguel Indurain, a famous cyclist, had a rhr of 26 bpm!!!!!

  • @mikeJB Holy moly lol

  • LurkersForLife

    I have a question since we are talking about health, I have been getting dizzy a lot lately and sometimes my chest hurts like my heart is gonna bounce out of my chest. But when I wake up in the morning I feel great but when I start walking I start feeling dizzy and I got a headache. Does anyone know what that could be?

  • LurkersForLife

    Cause I am worried it could be something serious and this virus shit is going on and I just need someone's opinion.

  • @Rissa_TheBest I think the best opinion to you as a stranger would be to consult a doctor. Although getting dizzy is not the symptoms of this virus but still you should visit a doctor as people during this pandemic are only worried of corona but it may be some other disease too.

  • Do me a favor and go to sleep

  • @mikeJB you exercise the WRONG PART. You are doing muscles strength which is good, but what you want is to train your heart. Running and doing some cycling will help you a lot more.
    And another thing to take in account is your age. The older the harder it becomes. If you want some tips just ping me

  • @Rissa_TheBest look up POTS syndrome. you have it from the sound of things

  • @mikeJB do you know what is psychosomatic?

  • @mikeJB ism not able to follow what you saying , sounds like something stuck in your throat. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @mikeJB is a seeker ,all perspective are facts, things which he can't follow go to Google goddess seek answer , very well to know to do cut ,copy ,past, article.. mik how is your throat? Does flower take shower ??

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