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    Hi there! I'd like to just chat and kill some time...

  • hello, my name is Astra 16 years old. I am needing a close friend and always to talk to. I love to draw, watch anime/youtube or sometimes play games. and need of understanding. I sometimes be clingy and depends on person. I love to talk about things where it is related. and making funny jokes. but I also don't want to be seen or standing with many people. am not much of outsider. also, more of a day-night dreamer.


  • @Astatine I've watched konosuba but, I didn't continue to watch it. it's funny at first but pervy :laughing:
    @Pandadayz okay, thank you :smile:

  • i wan to chat with you.am also available

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    @Pandadayz I'm looking for new friends to chat with... Any subject, just killing time here.

  • @Astra oh nice I love Anime and watching youtube too I sometimes draw and a place with many people sure is scary have interest in talking? Ps:Watch KonoSuba;)

  • @kenko1 I'm down wanna chill?:)

  • @Afs-Begum Hello I'm doing alright what about you?

  • @recklessRat same here

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    Hi there how are you

  • am fine and you

  • @Astra hey follow me so that we could talk and know about each other.

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    @Astra Hi there, would love to talk to you sometime !

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    @kenko1 Alway man, killing time is what i live for :D

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    @Astra Just message me whenever you feel like it :)

  • @Pandadayz oh lol sry I'm replying so late even though I saw it but if you still have interest wanna kill some time?😄

  • @Astra yeah it is but I think the comedy is worth it :)

  • @Astra I'm in the process of watching konosuba, its good

  • @Astra I’d love it be your friend If you still want one. I’ll be there if you need me. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • im intrested

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