@Bela-Hella said in THEN and NOW...: @Wolfie11 I like to inform you that girl is no longer in Batanes, her cruising moment was over and now back in her city of love, so if you like to go in Batanes goodluck and dude no Batanges in PH.. I meant Batangas oof oof... And well, the Batanes will always have her effect..The feeling of her presence, and the impact that she left there. Batanes will still have her fragrance, her touch and her beach stuff. Btw, grattis for your 1st ever post, the tags really sucks.. Dude, they're best tags evah!! Wow anyway you really dig the most significant post in the history buried 6feet below the hell ground.. Haha Well, the FATE wanted me to find it : )