@G-A said in Last Post from Me Before Getting Back to Reality: Dear @KATHERINEE Ikr that after christmas your aging will be undoubted in next December 27th. I am not a part of your eye gang, even be a part of Katherinee fc (red: fansclub), even a huge crush of yours (i believe you know it well). So, by this post, is there something you wish me to do instead of I AM ONLINE HERE FOR A DAY? XD well, 27th on your side will be 28th in my side. Since i will propose my vacation days (i want to visit bali this year till next January 2nd), i think i will be able to be here and make a wish for you or perhaps make a celebration birthday.. Dont get me wrong Kat, i just wanna thank you, thanks for being a good friends of Judith also saying happy birthday to her in July 12th this year, thanks to be a good mods and a good friend of mine in here with all of your jokes and your beautiful song so yea.. Tell me more about something you want... Cheers! Aput Zulhamsyah 20.11.2018 YAYAYAYAYAYYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY