@Indrid-Cold said in THE GRAND TWS NOVEL!: @Lurker said in THE GRAND TWS NOVEL!: I could read in the text: "I know everything about you...". I knew about this texts before so decided to ignore it, it's just childish play after all, but suddenly... I heard a door creek upstairs... I lived on that house for over ten years and that sound could only mean a certain door being open... The door to the attic... But how come the door opened when i'm the only one living in this house?... I knew it could only be the disincarnate form of Radio 2 guffmeister Chris Evans, who, long after abandoning his '500 Words' story-writing competition for children aged 13 and under, owing to the fact that all children are bellends, had instead turned to supping the psychic energy of fully-gown adult novelists... @cjko But I was wrong.. it's the portal to other dimension. Someone is trying to visit me but she can't get through the door. My eyes kept lurking for I can see much proof it is happening, I tried disenganging, but it's more tiring.. the energy is consuming me and swallowing me. Where are thee? I know there are people behind that portal where they can be called immortal. Who would think they're real? Still I'm in denial.. they might send me to the mental so I quit being hysterical.. I called someone from the local, mentioned this thing which kinda whimsical. All I get is ........ @Freedom-Writers-Writing