My town doesn't have much for street food options, even with the idea of a food truck becoming more popular. But when I was a kid... there was a woman that had a little cart she would push around my ghetto that had her homemade Mexican food. She had a horn she would honk. When I heard the sound, "honka...honka honka!" I would always try to scramble up some change to get a tamale or one of her corn on the cobs on a stick.

We called her the "honka honka" cuz of her horn, but she was an awesome woman. Couldn't speak a lick of english, but she had a heart of gold. Sometimes if she didn't sell all her tamales she would give them to my little brother and I, because she knew we needed them the most. And hell, if they're gonna go bad, she knew we'd eat 'em! I still think about her from time to time.