Anger is your ally, @strange_cat. Y'know. I'm not just some Emperor Palpatine figure saying that. Think of it as the universe itself trying to provoke you. The thing making you angry is just a tool it's using. Your anger feels infallible, and it probably is (unless you're completely insane), therefore say to the universe, "YOU know this is bullshyne, and I know this bullshyne. But you need to know: what goes around comes around, and I will beat you at your own game". A desire to pummel someone in the face with a piece of two-by-four? Frankie says relax. Let the anger simmer inside you --it's not unhealthy or passive-aggressive as some people might say. It's a library of wisdom. You meet, say, a lazy county councillor, or a bogus authority figure, or some kind of conceited snowflake, look them in the eye and call them a bellend and --I promise you this-- they will feel your hard-earned authority.