@IAskQuestions Serial Killers are an interesting bunch of psychological outcasts or Special Ones. Their mind is a case study worth reading. So much evil, So much hatred, So much precision, An intriguing pattern and Outworldly mind-mapping and planning of events on a regular basis. If that isn’t a wonderous work of art, then what is? Its just that they have an inquisitive passion/lust/determination/longing/liking for a certain objective. All that he does is satiate his passion in a pre-determined unethical way. Will you call Alexander a serial killer? Probably Not. Will you call Hitler a serial killer? Probably Yes. So what attracts us to them is the thought of ‘A Genius at Work’ and also the ‘Showmanship’ that comes with it. We are always in awe of those things that we don’t dare to do.