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If no , then goodbye.
If yes , tell me what resources do you have that can help you through your journey to get rich.

Ashish, this is what I have/had that could help me become rich (naive opinions):

Went to a good school and now a great university and planning on continuing my education (I feel this is a better choice than "quit college start a business" XD )

Can speak/write well but have to get better at it (Good communication which leads to good networking)

I consider myself to be above average and kind of street smart (always helps)

I have a high-risk appetite (will be able to quit my job and pursue something different without worrying about the consequences, in the future)

I have started small businesses already so I know a few things here and there

I like to learn and learn from people who are doing better than me or have more experience and thankfully my ego doesnt come in between.

Things that are a hindrance:

I am an underachiever and have the "dont care" attitude Procrastination I only do what I feel like doing and dont put any pressure on myself

plus a thousand more things that Im continuously working towards

Relatable hindrances