@JessicaGrant said in school = big gay: Ok so basically, I never learned how to pay taxes , I will pay your tax later. I will share ya if you need to. I never was taught how to take care of my health but i know how Henry the VIII killed his women , Is this a reason you get insomnia all days Jess? I know that mitochondria is powerhouse of the cell yet , i don't know sh!t about human rights [there's 30 , none of them was ever taught in my school] GO TO LAW SCHOOL RN! Nobody taught me the law except myself , because x = (-b ± √b² – 4ac)/2a was more important , Damn, my crush rn is into Math. Such a smart ass. don't know how to deal with mortgage , but I was having migraines from learning "Mental Math" because you won't have a calculator with you 24/7 , You just need to pay a lawyer tho I never was taught how to help my depressed friend with his depression , You just need to be all ears and stand by his side. Depression is a mental illness. Nobody will cure that unless himself. but i'm "glad" that i know when the Great Fire of London was instead of that , I wasn't taught how to recognize strokes, Mais oui, je parle un peu de Francais , this is the "quality education" we "need" , without which we "can't live" , but is it really? , is the government retarded? I never learnt about French and everything related with French unless German. So i dunno.