@deleted-user-18 I hope this open letter will be on your way. It might not make any sense, how and why we both suddenly "find similarities". There is no need to make such questions.

All i want to say, there are some lost pieces that i find when i am around you. You feed my ego, you treat me the way that i can not do to anyone. I cant lie, it is different feeling. You feel insecure because you think you are bisexual? For me, your being homosexual will be my last priority. You feel that you are unwanted? I want you. You dont believe me? I gave you two songs that you perhaps did not understand, but yes it is kind of journey that feel with you.

I am waiting you to be here, for no matter how long it takes. I am with you for whatever conditions you have. You have concern about straight men? I left all about them behind. The time when i confessed you how i feel and the time when i asked your permissions to "have the feelings", and you granted that, thats enough to make a new story. Lets just put straight men aside, they were my stories, my painful stories that i never reached ending.

Aput i love you, the time when i said it, it is truly how i feel. This will be my last post. Please come back, not for them, just for me. If this TWS is hella toxic and you cant handle your emotions here, I AM WITH YOU. Lets find another way to make a way.
Aput, i love you. The time when you let me in, you let me feel how small talk between us reduce my headache.
Aput, i love you. The time when you count on me. It is like i am your partner, a good friend, a great companion, and it makes me feel comfortable. It feels like I am a gay that can be your companion.
Aput, i love you. The way you say out loud how you cant do "this and that" with your innocent side. The way you appreciate yourself.
Last, Aput, i love you. I feel lonely and broken. I miss something that i value from you. It feels like my precious thing has been gone and no one can be like you.

P. S. There are 2 versions of that song. The original one, it was made to show how painful, he was, coz his first love married someone else. His name is Gayy. At the end, they rekindled everything and he proposed to him, converted to Homosexuality and married since 2004 till now 🙂
Wishing you hear me now 🥺