Last time i remember, i procrastinated my own "body care" things 😂
Usually, i do it like:

Put masks and face caring things (attached) dont ask me why i am addicted with this thing, my sister fistly forces me to use this then it becomes addiction when some fellas said "you look more handsome rn, wondering what did you use? 😂

images (19).jpeg scarlett-brightly-series.jpg

Put lip balm everytime i want to meet Directors / Clients / Vendors or Third Parties or any events that requires meet people outside (attached)

images (20).jpeg

Use body scrub and lotion (attached)

eb903e75-b19f-4230-95e5-5c23499eccc9.jpg images (22).jpeg

Cut my hair when it is too long and have some pomade to make hairstyle (attached for pomade). Oh dont forget to use perfume 😁


images (21).jpeg

Do shaving around my mouth (so i dont grow thin moustache). Well, i applied a gel around mouth to stop the growing moustache in a month straight, so i dont have it anymore like in 2 years pass 🤔 Last, ugh, this is fucking hard when i try to make a commitment to do "treadmill run" at least twice a week but end up with sleeping all weekend till i have a little bit big belly rn 😂 will try to do my best this month.

Those six points, i usually procrastinate. The time when i had such negative comments from some of girl "fans" at office, i start to force and do more caring my body ever since i cant deny my performance and appearance have impact a lot with my job 🤣 so yea!