@IM-NOT-HORNEY said in Is the media dividing us?:

the idea of media, has been diluted to the point of being a propaganda machine for the highest bidder. No matter if its right or wrong, The money decides if your ideology is worth talking about :shrug: , Hence I label them as Press-stitues.

I believe this to be the truth and have ever since the Ferguson riots. In my opinion, they are the #1 thing driving and fueling the division, hate, and racial issues in my country. Even as you said to the point of fabrication, people will blindly believe them.

So, from what I get, dividing the nation is their job. Thats how they earn their living now. Its either dividing the communities, or becoming a full fledged propaganda unit of only one way of thinking.

It's not that a particular agenda of division is their job, that's where I slightly disagree. I lean more towards what you said about money being the only objective. If it weren't for bad news, there would be no news at all, would there? On my local news stations, 95% of the coverage is bad news, it's what gets attention, it's what they know people want to see, and it's what will pay.

If someone believes they have an agenda for division and hate, I would have to disagree somewhat believing that would only be true depending on each individual person's beliefs. The media collectively will choose only to cover the things that will result in the strongest reactions and opinions, controversial topics that will practically "blow up" the news. It just so happens that turning us against each other in this negative way and making people furious at each other is what is most lucrative for them. There are no morals, it's only business to them. As long as they make as much money as they can, they don't care if it ruins the country.
That's just my two cents anyway.