@mikeJB said in Lets make a topic topic topic: hey ash, you call yourself a moderator? is that in title only? you realize you have these ANA rooms where you are basically sitting back allowing people to slowly kill themselves through starvation and even having others help them!!!!!!!!????????? not your problem, right? pathetic Yup,none of his business with what they do to themselves over stupid things they read on the internet. Not his concern. Have you done anything about it? @Bela-Hella said in Lets make a topic topic topic: Browsing the recent topics, all I see were topics like Im looking for..., we lost chat if you saw this msg me, hmu, im bored and this never ending looking for pro ana coach.. What happened to tws? Why its seem like it looks a lost and found site, a dating site..This site must be fill with good topics, good convos and great users.. Hopefully this 2020 Tws be back to its happy place and users be safe.. Looking forward to old users,regular users and newbies.. Good to see ya back! And...right!