Suggestions For TalkWithStranger?

  • If you have any suggestions on anything about some technical issues, somethings that you like/dislike about the site.
    Things to add to the site and so forth, add them here.

    All suggestions welcome.

  • @kξk Update your chat engine and give em special features. It's just really simple and you can't literally do shit. Then the users look for people here but take em to other sites cause it's more open for anything.

  • @tina The most frequently used.... Kik, Snap Chat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Why? because their chats have multiple features. You can share media, it's more accesible, even a simple thing like emojis make a change. It doesn't have to be all at the same time, just step by step keep adding cool features and it'll be great. I like the community cause it gives you the chance to meet people all over the world.

  • @yavida21 what other sites they take them to?
    And what features do u think should they have in chat!?

  • @yavida21

    Emojis are arent a huge problem to get them to work.
    And media can already be shared in public chat: Gifs, Images, Audio

    To post them use this pretext: ![Alt text]( the url of what you wish to post)
    In the brackets remember: do not leave a space

    We are also working on posting images without the hassle of typing that in.

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