Piercings & Tattoos?

  • Do you have any, how many, where and of what?
    If you don't have any, would you consider getting some?

    I have 4 tattoos and 7 pierings. :) I plan on getting a lot more tattoos.

  • I have one tattoo on my upper arm that wraps around my arm it’s a dragon with a yin yan symbol in the center

  • Music Lovers

    @methhead I have my ears pierced (boring) and a belly button piercing for awhile. I really want a tattoo on my shoulder, just haven’t worked up enough courage to go get it

  • I've got 2 tattoos. One on my back and one on my left ankle. I also have an Industrial piercing on my right ear. I'm still planning to get more tatts done and another piercing on the side of my left eyebrow (forgot how to call them).

  • Gamers

    I think I'd only get a tattoo if I really loved the design, and every design I've ever loved is huge and thus expensive!

  • Gamers

    i think both of those things are a permanent damage to my body, but i may be getting a tattoo somewhere on my arm in the future :p

  • @methhead I personally am terrified of needles (because I'm vascular af), so I can't even imagine having a procedure to get a piercing. And tattooes maybe, but just maybe, and a small one. Where there ain't no damn veins haha

  • dont have the guts to be pierced by some spears gajksghjkagjargj...

  • Music Lovers

    @methhead only got my ears peirced, always wanted to get a sleeve tattoo of things that remind of places ive been and people I met

  • No, never! I hate both of them!!

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