Why are rape cases against women taken seriously

  • We have made many laws in support of women when it comes to sexual or oral assault and harassment . However y arent such same laws appilcable or made for men also ?

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  • Well I get it now most of the guys are brats and think rape is a joke :) so ya guys deserve that #egoissues😂

  • @soham-shyam-hegde you have to realize how much bull shit a woman has to go thru on a NORMAL day ( you would NEVER grasp the idea of what we endure everyday with men)
    for starters yea men can get raped but unlike them

    1 out of every 6 women has been the victim of an attempted (2.8%) or completed rape (14.8%) in her life time


    About 3% of American men—or 1 in 33—have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime

    1 out of every 10 rape victims are male.

    *Men are dogs when it comes to women if we want to be comfortable in a skirt SO BE IT! a MAN has to take it upon himself to think that she deserved to be raped because a bitch ass man wants to hit.
    its COMPLETELY unfair to us.
    men get raped but no where NEAR how often women do and how much women have to fight on a DAILY basis!

    A man should have a voice when things like this happen to them although it's hard to see a man getting raped by a woman but hey it does happen so when it does it needs to be dealt with by the police and guards (if they care enough while your in prison)

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    I can’t even right now....

  • @santizzle let’s not forget about bisexual and gay men. :)
    But yess! Holla it for the people in the back to hear gurl!

  • @soham-shyam-hegde good luck dude, you’re gonna need it haha

  • @vivianana

    • Transgender Students Are at Higher Risk for Sexual Violence**

    21% of TGQN (transgender, genderqueer, nonconforming) college students have been sexually assaulted, compared to 18% of non-TGQN females, and 4% of non-TGQN males.17

  • @santizzle not to defend him for the post or anything but isn’t it also true that these statistics can be wrong? I mean I learned about it once in school and they said that they were because men are less likely to report it due to the embarrassment of being a male and falling victim to a women

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