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    hey guys my first day at catalyser(a coaching institute) was awesome :D i wasn't made aware about the drawing competition but i borrowed colours and the teacher provided us a sheet to draw and i won a consolation even i didn't know about the contest previously :D i made lotta friends there . i was so lucky coz competitions are held once in a month and yesterday was my first day there and there was a monthly contest :D everyone praised me and returning home after 8 pm with friends feels like a big WOW , guys keep texting me but i will b too busy now so i will not be online vry often , i will miss u guys :D

  • @cutie-cat Thats so great! Im Glad you found good friends, and even had fun at school. Good Luck for the rest of the year.

  • Music Lovers

    @alex_sdc thanks alex :D

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