Why do we get addicted to any person?

  • Why do we get attached to some people why is it so hard to get rid of this addiction. Why do we hate them but still love them. Why do they leave u when they don't meet you anymore. Why.... Why.... Why...

  • "Why do we hate them but still love them."
    If there's anybody that can answer this question, and help me get over that bitch, I'd be grateful for life. It's been years alread and I'm tired.

  • @blood me too 😣

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    umm yeah that can be pretty annoying

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    To be honest, I really think it depends on your mindset.
    Don't compare people from your past to others for example. It doesn't do you any good :D
    Personally, I believe there is a reason for everything, even if it's a stupid one or one you can't understand. That being said, I can easily get addicted to people too, but once they decide to walk out, I can easily detach from them as well. There's really no point in trying to chase people who don't want to be in your life for some reason.
    But... as long as they stay, I stay too :-))

  • @louispayne beacuse they are addictive simple

  • @kimmy159 How do I obtain such mindset? I easily detach from alot of people that don't give a shit about me, except this one particular.

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    @blood Hmm I know there are always some exceptions. Maybe ask yourself what makes them so unique to you?

  • @kimmy159 Well this exception is damn hard to get rid of. 4 years and counting. I think it's just memories.

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    @blood I think it's mostly about the person you do "first times" with, meaning you share all these kind of memories of events that happened to you for the first time of your life. Do you think it applies to you?

  • @kimmy159 You, my "friend", are actually right. It is first-timer. Well kinda, first time it went so deep. Atleast on my side, can't speak for the other party.

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    @blood I thought so :-)) it's quite common. I'm afraid there is no cure though :-(( I guess it's about those feelings you experienced for the first time and the connection you felt when doing them. I guess when you think about it, it isn't always about the person itself, but rather the things that happened. Once you realize that, it should be easier to see that other people can have the same traits and usually even better ones ^^ At least that was the case for me years ago :D

  • @kimmy159 I still love her, sadly. I wish I don't.

  • @louispayne Why does the alcoholic hate the bottle but still finds himself at the bottom of it ever so often?
    Because the person which your subconscious is unfortunately obsessing about is making you release Adrenaline and Dopamine, aka. excitement and happiness. Naturally, you can't hate the feeling itself (because it feels damn good), only the power it has over you
    (cue: hate them but still love them)

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