Do you think tattoos should be banned?

  • Because it's like a way of hurting your own body don't you think the government should ban the tattoos

  • Tattoos are supposed to be an expression of yourself of what you are feeling or what do you think about yourself or your affiliations.
    Banning tattoos would be equivalent to banning free speech.
    And that is something no one should even think of.

  • Music Lovers

    @sarah tattoos is its own art. You arent really hurting your body except the time it takes to put it on. If putting a needle on your skin is hurting your body, then vaccines need to be illegal as well.
    Its EXPRESSION. If someone wants to put colors on their body, they should be able to

  • @sarah I will hurt my body anyway I want. Cutting, whipping, biting, tattooing. Tattoos are self expression, just like piercings or body modifications. Pain has hurt no one. It feels good. ;)

  • @sarah it’s one will and wish govt can’t stop everything
    Yes govt has banned drugs because they are harmful for society

  • Tattoos for us is like candy for our teeth. Makes sense right? IDK

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