Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

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    All of the major religions Judiasim, Christianity, and Islam originated to complete the same task, which is act as a reminder to people that there is a higher power that created everything including them and thay they have a greater purpose in their lifetimes then getting caught up in the material aspects of life. Reality of the fact is its been thousands of years since the beggining of these religons and while all started pure and untampered with humans have over time corrupted each one with their own views in an attempt to gain power over the masses. No religon represents terrorrism its the people claiming to follow the religon that represent terrorism. And as for the textual verses of violence is pretty pointless because anyone who has read the bible or the torah would now that they all have similar passages which talks about violence but it isnt to be misunderstood and taken as kill whoever disagrees with you. Religon now has become just a form of enslavement of mankind in which the so called "holy" people tell everyone else what to do and believe. People have to reclaim their ability to think for themselves and understand the seeds of deception that have been sowed into all these religons that were brought about to acheieve the same goal.

  • oh heck no.

  • I think it is just a religion just like all the other ones so no I don't think it is a religion of terrorism as a whole. There are many good people in it and I respect what they believe in. Blessings!

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    @angelsareforreal totally agree with you..👍🏻

  • @Julia @tatasfi @TalkWithStranger i thank you all for supporting this serious cause,

    IVE read all ur coments and i really feel hope and we can make this world a better life place,
    TO EVery one who upvoted this post to every beautiful heart , i thank you all , and ill reply on every comment as soon as possible.

    @Julia thank yiu alot for ur reapect and support .

    @AlwaysStranger sience is what i do bro ,when i have time , ill give u an appointment to discuss all this with u.

  • @muslim no. no no no no no no. every religion has violent fundamentalists. every religion also has incredible people. saying one major religion is a religion of terror means all others are too.

  • @sarah thanks fo supporting me....
    In my opinion, every religion is a different path to a same destination which is i think , to get the blessing ov God......

  • Religion. Faith.

  • of course not dude, every religion has it's own rule and Islam forbids war and fighting so guys try to understand forget the media.

  • How is it a religion of Terrorism? Please, explain.

    I personally believe all religions are "CRAP". I have read the Quran, The Bible and The Vedas and Ramayana. I don't understand how can any of them make any sense to anyone in 2017.

  • @30fprettybored said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    Religion. Faith.

    Since faith leads you randomly true and false things randomly then here's my question. Is faith a reliable pathway to truth? No. So faith is useless and pointless. Why would anyone use faith to believe something is true since faith isn't a reliable pathway to truth

  • @blesh we aren't talking about the ppl. We're talking about the scripture, and the scripture clearly explains what jihad means and the scripture is sexist, homophobic, violent...

  • @muslim said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    @alwaysstranger you are nothing but an arabic jew . fk off .. sience is what i do u stupid shit . ive finished my education this year . hell bell hhhhhhh

    1st jeudism is a religion which involves the belief in god, i do not believe that a god exits therefore I'm not a jew

    2nd no you didn't finish your education, no man finishes their education whilst not believing in scientific studies like biology and astrophysics so you slept through your education.

    Hell, you can't even spell 'science', you said 'sience'

  • @alwaysstranger yeah maybe my english is my 3rd language so its bad how about franch u sick fk ... can u spel a word ? fk off bro are too fking stupid to understand that god exist ...hh " SCIENCE" you say ? hhhhh fk off

  • @muslim said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    @alwaysstranger yeah maybe my english is my 3rd language so its bad how about franch u sick fk ... can u spel a word ?

    Oui en fait, je parle 4 langues couramment et en français on l'épelle 'science' comme en anglais.

    fk off bro are too fking stupid to understand that god exist ...hh " SCIENCE" you say ? hhhhh fk off

    The guy who doesn't believe in science is calling me stupid whilst using bad English, should i feel bad, or should i feel bad for you?

  • @alwaysstranger u need to grow up

  • I don't agree with you. All the religions of the world teach the same 1 thing.

    "Follow the right, do the right things and avoid the bad things"

    So this makes all religions equal in my eyes. It's just the way we go about it. For me, Islam is a religion of peace.

  • @Muslim nop I know because I am Muslim and i have read Quran and they word ISLAM means 'Peace' so there is nothing to think it is terrorism..Islam teaches us peace and that's why Majority of Muslims gives each other peace..There are many Black sheep's in Muslim community but that doesn't mean it gives wrong guidenes It is people who misunderstood the meaning of ISLAM...i hope you get your Answer..

  • @how-to-make-a Could you tell us why? What makes you think so? Let's solve this together :)

  • @how-to-make-a Can you quote those exact phrases here please so we can read it.

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