pedophilia isn't wrong

  • That topic might be a little shock but I have an interesting idea to talk about.

    First of all, I am strongly against any kind of sexual violence towards anybody or anything.

    The thing is that pedophiles who are attracted to underage girl/boys aren’t able to talk about it because of the stigma and the discrimination. nowadays a word "pedophile" is connected to sexual violence and child pornography and that leads people to think that pedophiles are some kind of monsters.
    A pedophile might be attracted to children but that doesn’t mean that they would/could sexually assault children which brings me to the main point - should pedophiles be treated like that? they simply can't do anything about it because it's like a fetish.
    if we would be more openminded, pedophiles would be able to talk about it and get help if needed so they wouldn't do anything illegal. unlike calling them "child rapists" or "molesters", they should be supported and that way the threshold to seek help should be decreased.

    I actually do believe that pedophilia, like homosexuality, would become a thing people would openly talk about in the future and it will be easier to deal with it.

  • This is absolutely repulsive. What is society crumbling into? Disturbing. Get the fuck out of here with your Tumblr bullshit.

  • @aakkap my father wants me to think about it...

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    @aakkap BWHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHA. This post isn’t even worth my fucking time

  • Agree with you


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