❤ 11~13? Girl/Feminine? Questioning sexuality/gender?❤

  • Im here, im queer!
    || 12 Female Cis Panromantic Gay ||
    Hello! I'm looking for girls my age who like art. My instagram is @_cotskiii and I'm a furry and artist. We can just talk or flirt, whichever one you want to be honest I just wanna make a safe place for queer girls like me, it doesn't matter what your orientation is as long as your a girl, a boy transitioning to a girl or just feminine.
    JUST FEMININE PEOPLE FLIRTING IF TALKING WITH ME PLEASE I'm not really feeling like being romantic with boys at this moment... Though if you are a boy we can still chat. I can't wait to just make a group chat where queers can stay in a welcoming environment or be able to meet new people

    ~see you there I guess ❤


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