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    I love havering a good sexting chat but so many guys suck at it. All the time a guy will come up to me and ask to sext with me, I don't mind sexting at least when the guy is nice. We get it on and instantly I realize just how bad he is at sexting but I don't want to say anything because that would be mean. So I'm asking the guys to please get better at it and look at yourself and see what your doing wrong, or if your good then I owe you a big thank you. look up on the internet on how to sext. Please ^^ and a big thank you to you guys.

  • yeah, but hey, if you have any tips please feel free to share them XD, or, if you want to sext message me!

  • Hey np, sexting is a great way to enjoy your day right!? , finding a good sexting partner can be great i imagine.

    It is just something we have to do since we live so far apart and we both love sex. When we did have sex first time (after sexting) it was somwwhat close to what we did in sexting, although 9000%milder hehe. still amazing and really cool!
    And led to really good sex irl very fast.

    She is very shy to write when we reverse roles and she is the storyteller but its give and take. And i really enjoy when i notice her effort so its a turn on for me. Just her trying her best even so modest hehe,..she is so cute and ... yea, most of the times she is somewhat active in the story also, and we can have amazing stories together that are very ... yea. we both love it

    and yes 95% of the time im the winner, and she comes first haha... ok maybe 80%

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    @pocketjam yes thank you. omg this is just what i was looking for. you sound like a master at it. @Afg-style i see your point and i can understand where your coming from its just that its a really big turn of to us girls or at least to me. i can understand that guys want somewhere to practice sexting but there are a lot of little tips out there that can help a lot. and they are not hard to find.

  • @lasaiak

    once you get good at it, you can conjure up any sexy story, ... you and your gf are at the mega mall, in the bouncy castle and descide to wrestle... it turns into a crazy sexwrestling fest infront of everyone... i mean, come up with anything really....

    Me and my girlfriend( most of the time) live many miles from eachother so we have to resort to sexting.
    And we do it every day maybe 0-4 times a day...

    i have some pointers to the guys out there..

    easy and alwasy works, is ,

    So i was wondering what are you wearing now? (pointer 1, this is easy and great and cheesy but its nice)

    build it from there, turn it into some domination game, be creative, most of the time you need to take advantage of her. so she is in peril (chase her into the shower.. no escape... do it slightly slow, but be more aggressive (much more aggressive than in real life)
    She wont be hurt here so you can experiment with safe words (yes even in sexting) and do gagging etc.. most people enjoy much different type of sex in imagination than in real life. its not always the same.

    you might find out your gf loves rapesex and daddy talk in this envoirement, just how you enjoy your filthy porn... its all idividual.. dont be scared and try it all, you quickly notice if you hit dead end and then veir to another sexual fantasy for her...its very important to always keep the story going, since she is always touching herself... so keep that in mind

    pointer 2 whatever you have in mind you think is very filthy... and secret. she might have just as bad thoughts. be weak other way around let her take control...she might find out your desires and it can be amazing.

    It is howevr important to know that theese sexting fantasies can differ greatly from your normal sexual pleasures and are usually more extreme in its nature so dont judge after its done, its just sexting, even if its the best sexting ever!!

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    @ziyanali69 i'm not asking to have sex lol, i'm asking people to get better if they suck at it. no offence but its a big turn off if someone sucks at it

  • That varys from person to person, most of guys doesn't know how to or even what to say,, reason is some guys are shy and they don't want to say sth that might offend you or/and make you think they're creepy especially who wants to get closer to you.
    After all it's up to how many times they tried to sext ect.

  • @lasaiak Haha, you seem to be really fed up of the guys. You wanna try me? 😉

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    @bushmurry LOL! good job you passed XD

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    So I've been looking through the dating section, and apparently I am supposed to tell you two of the following: Name, Age, Location, Penis size, Current lust level.

    Also must make clear I'm looking for one of the the following characteristics: A "girl".

    I will then wow them with a "Hi" and offer to perve at their Snapchat or Kik account.

    Success guaranteed! Glad I studied 😉


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