What do you think about incest?

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  • I luv it

  • Soul Searchers

    @maferiis said in What do you think about incest?:

    i dont think that is something bad

    I had a couple of aunts and cousins that I would have loved to but I was never turned on by my sister and a cousin show me how to go down on a girl

  • I love it

  • Soul Searchers

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  • Banned

    i like it

  • i never wanted to admit this , but i guess i shouldnt be ashamed. when i was a teen i often thought about making out with my mom. she was a rock n roller type that even hit on young guys. 30s going after 18! anyway, i always looked at it like this. say you were a shy, young an who never had luck with girls. you would not even know where to start sexually. imagine if your mom knew this and one day seduced you wearing the shit you get off on , and showing you how to make love properly to a woman! she is the teacher, you the obedient student. she is also your friend and mom! i have always thought that might be the greatest g/f ever! yes, i am weird now

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  • @bi-curious Hey hell yes baby, that's what I did with my ex wife we got hi on X and spilled our guts. I told her how badly I wanted to suck the fuck out of a huge clean cut thick ass cock and swallow his cum. Then I told her that I'd like to have 2 or even 3 at one time because I also like to feel a man fucking me in my ass and taking all of me he can get, I told her when I'm hi I love to suck big dicks, swallow cum, and get fucked deep and hard in my ass. She said honey..you got my pussy dripping wet! She gets her big dildo out and lube him up the I slap it on the wall and back into it nicely, once it was all the way in, she started sucking my big thick rock hard throbbing cock and man I never cum so much in my life and she had never swallowed b4 so her 1st time was a massive load that seemed like it wasnt gonna stop. I mean I was riding a big thick 8" dildo and man you could really see how much I liked it through the cum explosion that cum out of my dick. My wife sexy petite redhead sucked and swallowed every drop and at the end she stood up and kissed me obnoxiously in the mouth with a mouthful of my cum, I cum more and more and I loved the taste of that cum in my mouth boy, for real.

  • I had some experiences with my sister when we were younger. It was very fun and exciting, I miss those times. We never really had sex but were fooling around mostly.

  • Yeah my sister woke me up when I was 15 cause I had a hard on and she was extremely horny at the time. She worked her way into touching my dick then asked why it was always hard lime that in the mornings. Then as we played some and I showed her I was getting turned on, that was it she was sucking me good b4 I knew it and she let me cum in her mouth ..my 1st..as good as it felt to me, as I was cumming in her mouth, I felt like I wanted to be the one sucking on that big thick dick, I would have sucked on one then if it was there to suck. The deepthroating just felt so daamn good and I was almost down there with her as I started to cum. I licked her mouth with my dick in it so yeah I think I wanted that cock in my mouth.

  • Soul Searchers

    @maferiis what do you think of incest?! Hmmm

  • if your mom is hot, go for it. what better way for a boy to learn

  • I don’t see no wrong

  • @maferiis I know people who have met fell in love had family eventually find out they related lol

  • @maferiis lololol they say incest is best hahahahah

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