A List of Profane Evu'enian Words/Phrases


    I got bored and made a basic list of common words and phrases to tell people off in my native language. ENJOY!


    Word (Pronunciation✝😞 Definition, [Literal Translation], (Rough Translation)

    ✝Simplified for English speakers

    Sko (skoh): bitch, dick, (corpse)

    Nox (nohks): (No real meaning; added at the end of sentences to emphasize and/or be harsh)

    'knnga (huh•KUHN•gah): fuck you, you motherfucker

    'knnga nox (huh•KUHN•gah - NOHKS): I'll fucking kill you
    This one can get you arrested

    Shung bi dameshu (SHOONG - BEE - DAH•meh•shoo): son of a bitch, piece of shit, [fucking piece of trash]

    Lizhing (leezh•EENG): disgusting person, asshat, [(short for) pedophile]

    Kas (kahs): scum, waste, dirt, piece of shit, (byproduct)
    from Japanese "カス [kasu]" (same meaning)

    Koing nox/Nê koing (KOH•eeng - NOHKS / NAY - KOH•eeng): what the fuck

    Ngeko raffuko (NEH•koh - RAH•foo•koh): (Cat shit/piss)✝
    ✝Quite possibly the most horrid material in existence

    Hitoshi yu (hee•TOH•shee - YOO): Bring it!, (equal fist)

    Lizhshêjê (LEEZH•shay•jay): [Animal fucker]

    Azhongwaik (AH•zhong•wah•eek): Unfaithful, Worthless, (without pride)
    implies they have nothing to be proud of

    Ngagatue nox (NAH•gah•tih - NOHKS): god damnit

    Psaks (psahks): fuck

    Maakoeme (MAH•koh•eh•meh): [kill yourself]

    Komisanan na ka? (KOH•mee•sahn•ahn - NAH - KAH): [You wanna fucking die?]

    'ikueng (HEE•kihng): fuck off

    Sêwaa chise (say•WAH - CHEE•seh): geezer, (chicken skin)

    Shung (shoong): [fucking], [damn]

    Akalo shung hañangs (AH•kah•loh - SHOONG - hah•NYAHNGS): I don't give a fuck, (big fucking news)

    Hanpajê (HAHN•pah•jay): douchebag, asshole, dickbag, (rude person)

    Buta (BOO•tah): fatass, (pig)

    Hekwi gokoro (HEHK•wee - GOH•koh•roh): stuck up, (box minded)

    Olijê (OH•lee•jay): (oil✝ person)
    ✝The SECOND most disgusting material in existence

    Yanumijê (YAHN•oo•mee•jay): Someone who never shuts the hell up, (Word ocean person)

    Akshizume (ahk•SHEE•zoo•meh): shut the fuck up, [be silent]

    Luzax miru (LOO•zahks - MEE•roo): Mind you own damn buisiness, (easy sight)

    Shitu koko da na (SHEE•too - KOH•koh - DAH - NAH): [now you're fucked (, you know?)]

    Zyue (zyih): [idiot], [stupid]

    Request for more!

  • What is your native language? U from?

  • @girlnextdoor

    My native language is Evu'enian or Evu'eniago. I am from the US technically, though a part of the proto-state of Evu'enia.

    Thanks for asking! I enjoy talking about my story because it's very interesting.

  • @axluwaiktaki I am not from us and I don't really understand your explanation. Could you elaborate more on @GirlNextDoor question, please?

  • @tinamaybe

    Sure. What don't you understand in my response?

  • @axluwaiktaki the term proto-state

  • @tinamaybe

    A proto-state is a territory ruled by another (often drastically different)
    country, but peacefully seeks independence.

  • @axluwaiktaki thank u. Where is it on the map? I am sorry I ask so simple questions but I tried to look it up in Google and failed completely 😆

  • @tinamaybe

    As of right now, we occupy a small region of Utah in the US, though we are pursuing land in Asia (mainly because of our historical and cultural ties with Asia).

  • @axluwaiktaki Is there some kind of internet source that u know abt I can use to get more information ?

  • @tinamaybe

    Not that I know of, but I am a government official of Evu'enia, so I can give you any information you want via private messages if you would like.

  • @axluwaiktaki I just wanted to see if there was some kind of academic study of the culture and history u mentioned before.

  • @tinamaybe

    Oh, sorry. To my knowledge, no external study exists. Usually, we just relay information directly from person to person.

  • @axluwaiktaki oh. Although it is important to be true to tradition I think an academic study would be great. Especially if done by sb who is a part of said culture. To make it permanently ingrained as to no to lose in time. Thank u for responding 🙂

  • @tinamaybe

    No problem. And perhaps I will conduct a study to create an external record of us.

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