• Banned

    Jess (Moderator + insultor + anti French ++)
    Janet (Dishonest + liar + Schyzoid + modifies the PFP and the nickname of the users to have fun)
    Dope Reham (anti french)
    Quazy (Pakistanise clown searching troubles)
    Malhama Alias Quazy (old is new : Pakistanise clown searching troubles + Sup's Minion)
    Cyberdyne Alias Cybercore (Jess's minion + Pakistanise Clown S.T. + Hacker)
    The RisingSun (super shit + anti french + Janet's Minion)
    Eucalyptus (Anti French + Janet's Minion)
    Sup (Indian troller + racist + Anti French + no balls woman army)
    Napoleon (anti French + Clown)
    Sky Blueness (Anti French + Hacker)
    Peek a Boo (pakistanise clown S.T.)
    Nejo (Jess's minion gang)
    All About Gay (Jess's Minions gang + pervert)
    Wastedspace (he knows why)
    Shhhhhh (A new one which needs to be insulted)
    G-A (he knows why)
    BadBrain (jess's indian minion)
    People itsfallingdown follows

  • Banned for death threats against users

  • the ultimate treE's list

  • bruh wat is this

  • Banned

    @Josh189 don't hesitate to write them a love poem, my dear Nacho...

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