• It's the myopic fool who dances on his doormat thinking it's a flower bed.
    It is the devoted, sly moralist who will have found a hiding place in your company, will only deal with strangling the defenseless and will be of a sickening obsequiousness in front of the rich.
    She is a domineering and traitorous complex who only seeks power.
    It accumulates errors and does not allow anyone to control it. She persists and signs if you have shown her otherwise.
    Will be despotic with a poor woman who does the cleaning by underpaying her, or will continually seek trouble with a nice little apprentice who is just starting out, to discourage her from life.
    Will take, by intimidation, the control levers of his partner, relegating him to a backyard.
    It will make you spend your money on a cause or an unworkable idea, without logic, like looking for the treasure of Blackbeard the Pirate, or having three tourists climb the rock of Macchu-Picchu for the price of a charter of 500 people. She morally resembles Captain Haddock in Tintin.


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