Hello! Im fighting with a hard drugs adiction…Could i talk with someone that had my problem in the past?

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    @TM People can only meet you at the depths at which they've met themselves. Because they've had the same experience, they are likelier to comprehend what this person is going through and how they got themselves in this situation. Therefore, they are more qualified to offer advice on overcoming this struggle than an uneducated outsider, no matter how well-intentioned. Their counsel will come from a place of understanding, not empty platitudes, misguided observations, or surface knowledge.

  • @Pamela When it comes to overcoming a problem such as addiction, the situation requires a treatment plan that lasts for a period that differs from one addict to another according to the type of drug that he used, the willpower he enjoyed, and the anti-substance drugs that the body is accustomed to. Psychiatric clinics and doctors in charge of treating these cases, most of them did not suffer from the same illness that the patient suffered from.. It is enough to examine the addict carefully to know to what level the addiction has reached, the type of drug and to provide treatment, on the condition that the determination and will are available to the addict to take decisive decision to quit. Note : read what I wrote again please " NOT ONLY FROM THOSE WHO EXPERIENCED THE SAME PROBLEM " this means I see that people who have experienced addiction can help but not ONLY them others can help too like doctors , parents , friends and most importantly the Addict himself .

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    @TM This is a forum where people communicate with strangers, so presumably, when you're calling out RK13rk on requesting help specifically from former addicts, you're referring to the exclusion of an average netizen who hasn't had firsthand contact with drug abuse, not trained psychiatrists/physicians (fat chance finding them here), least of all, their friends and family. There's also not enough information for you to infer that they haven't already sought medical/social support.

  • @Pamela If we want to complicate the issues further, we can also say that perhaps this person hides his addiction from his family and did not go to the doctor at all, and perhaps he is not addicted at all and just wants to raise a topic through which he enjoys effective social participation, making him feel that he is a "participating social being and an influential individual" .. and we can To complicate the issue more and say that he will not benefit from the experience of former addicts because he decided in advance not to give up drugs, but he only wants to be reassured about his future condition when he decides that he will stop, and that is why he asked for support. The possibilities related to the owner of the post are very many.. Therefore, I do not find it logical to present the post in this way if the practical and realistic methods through which this addict tried to get rid of addiction were not mentioned and failed..

  • Same thing " no common sense " . Why would you need help from people that had the same experience and exclude those who have not tried drugs ? Does help comes only from those who fell in the same hole ?

  • @TM Is this you giving advices?

  • This is coming from a man that just graduated a 12 month rehab in November and is back using as we speak. The only way that you can successfully kick a drug addiction is to be stress free and a great support system that isn't afraid to call you on your bullshit when wanting to use

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