• I've found my husband cheated on me, via mailing... she is his coworker, and i think I've gone crazy and started to stalking her through social media.
    I've used her pictures and created a fake profile on dating sites where I offered sex service for free and giving her home address and sending an anonymous letter to her husband...
    she asked help from Postal police and I was found out...
    now I'm under penal process, we are followed by a friend lawyer.
    buthe said the damages are very high and I have to pay her (husband's lover) over 10000 dollars.
    we have two kids and i don't work.
    my husband is very understanding, he said the. money are not a problem (for me it is a huge problem, how can we go on living if there's no money?).
    I've realised my life is full of unresolved issues especially for the repressive education of my parents and it seems my purpose is to sabotage the chance of happiness my life offered to me.

    the worst is that my anger is totally diverted to this woman...
    ii feel there's a huge part of me that is toxic, but how can I improve myself?