Fuck my old job, I got a better one!

  • Finally after a painstakingly long couple of months, I'm proud to say I work at an animal hospital. My old job at a pet store, sucked a lot of dookie.
    They cared more about sales and having customers buy everything than the dang animals that we had in the back. Fish tanks are filthy, theres always a dead fish in the tank everyday! The hamsters little habitat are small and somehow they lost a hamster and they don't even bat an eye. They be like "oh i dont know when to feed the snakes" or "i forgot to give the bearded dragon medicine so it died , oh well" NOOOO
    THEN! they have the audacity to be like " we appreciate you taking care of the animals and all but we need you to actually listen and do your job" Bitch, I do everyones work but then you have the braincells to say that im not doing my job?? Hell no, i quit over text and got hired at this new place, they look promising. Finally, a better paying job and coworkers that actually give as much of a fuck as I do.

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